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What is continewity?

continewity is our guiding principle when advising our clients. Sustainable, profitable growth results from the balance between continuity and change.


Markets, technologies, processes and values are constantly changing. Companies must follow quickly or even anticipate change to remain competitive. Standing still as a strategy doesn’t work in a dynamic environment.


However, change for change’s sake is also wrong. Change doesn’t only need a goal, but also a starting point: the company’s know-how, its core business, its traditional way of dealing with customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.


continewity means finding and living this balance, namely adapting to rapidly changing market environments while at the same time maintaining strengths and traditions that have grown over decades. With continewity we shape change that engenders respect, acceptance and enthusiasm with customers, suppliers, managers, employees, investors and other relevant parties.


What does continewity mean for communication and marketing?

The communication society has replaced the information era. For business this translates into the need to successfully communicate: by inspiring managers and employees, impressing customers and gaining trust among suppliers, pressure groups and investors.


This takes more than owning the usual communications and marketing tools. Credibility results from actions following words. We develop and implement marketing and communications strategies for our customers that are deeply rooted in the company, its traditions and markets. This is the reason they work.


How does continewity work?

Regardless of whether we provide our customers with change management, positioning, marketing or crisis communication solutions, we only give advice once we have understood the company, its roots, its technologies, its values and markets and have derived the need for change and action from this knowledge. Because the opposite of excellent marketing and communication, of successful reputation-building and crisis management, is hastiness without any prior realistic analysis of the measures’ probable efficacy.


This is one of the reasons why we define consultancy not as giving advice, but as developing and implementing measures that work.


For us, continewity also means measuring the results of our work – according to our customers’ most important key performance indicators: sales, earnings and cash flow.