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Fostering Acceptance

You can only implement what you are able to explain and where acceptance has been fostered.

Our customers are well aware that the ability to change and adapt is among the most important criteria for success in business. Globalization, commoditization, technological change, industry 4.0 and other challenges brought about by a near-borderless economy force them to permanently find and follow new pathways. However, change depends on acceptance. If key stakeholders don’t see the benefits, precious time gets lost, valuable resources become tied up and budgets are wasted. However, don’t follow, these new pathways will go nowhere.


We support our customers in communicating change, gaining acceptance and creating enthusiasm.

Our method

Defining change targets
Assessing status quo
Analyzing corporate culture
Conceiving change path
Setting up milestone planning and measuring
Changing people’s behavior
Conceiving and implementing change communications concept